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What categories should we have on name tag?

Hey everyone!

For the event tonight in London we are thinking of creating name-tags, like this:


That should make it easier to start conversations! Do you think that’s a good idea?

If yes I’m trying to figure out a good “categorization”. So far I thought about the following but would love your input on that! I have the colors red, blue, yellow, green and white. Red stickers are more.

  • (white) I’m a freelancer/agency (I consult and have experience to share)
  • (blue) I’m looking for a job (Creator ready to get hired!)
  • (green) I’m doing Social Media for my company (It’s my job!)
  • (red) just curious or starting on social media (Let’s see what happens)
  • (green) I have an audience and might be looking for collaborations (Influencer)

Would love your input!

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@matteo this is a great idea !