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Digital Marketing over Breakfast (virtual) #49

Hey everyone!

On Friday the 7th of January I invite again to “Digital Marketing over Breakfast”. That’s our event where we discuss questions around digital marketing - and obviously I’ll give input based on the expertise I have.

You can register for the event via Eventbrite or via one of out meetup groups in Vienna, Berlin, London, Munich, Cologne and Zurich.

This post here is so you can introduce yourself beforehand and we can collect some questions - so we have them ready at the event.

Also feel free to share the projects and social media channels you’re working on to make yourself known!

Looking forward to seeing you at the meetup!

Hi Matteo, I have some minor technical issues with my self-created website. Specifically: I get a “content wider than screen” warning from google search console (mobile user experience). Would be lovely if we could discuss this tomorrow. Looking forward. Kind regards, Johannes

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